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Instarmac Level IT Top Smoothing Underlayment

20kg Bag

£31.07 £25.89

Instarmac Level IT Top Smoothing Underlayment  is a polymer rich, high strength, single part, cementitious smoothing underlayment incorporating recycled raw materials. It has exceptional abrasion resistance and is designed for use as a finished wear surface in both industrial and commercial applications. Its early strength development formulation also makes it ideal for overcoating with resin coatings.

  • Surface finish
  • Industrial applications
  • Pump or trowel applied
  • Forklift traffic at 36 hours
  • Moisture tolerant
  • 5-15mm thickness
  • Working time 30-40 minutes
  • Foot traffic 2-3 hours
  • Internal floors

Weight  25kg
Working time at 20°C 30 - 40 Minutes
Walk on hardness time at 20°C 2 - 3 Hours
Ready to receive forklift traffic 36 Hours
Ready to receive resin coating 24 hours (15mm at 20°C)
Range Ultra Floor 
Brand Instarmac

Do I need to use a sealant on top of this?

While Level IT TOP is a resilient material designed to accept vehicular traffic, it will need to be surface protected against staining from spillages such as oils, greases and any other penetrating or surface contaminant. Therefore, if aesthetics are of importance, then the cured product should be protected by the application of a surface floor sealer or coating suitable for use over cementitious floors.

Can this be used on external floors?

No, Level It Top is suitable for internal floors only. 

What are the coverage rates?

Applied Thickness Coverage Per Unit (approx) Consumption Thickness Per Unit (approx) Per 100m² Area
5mm 3.1m² 33 Bags
10mm 1.5m² 67 Bags
15mm 1m² 100 Bags
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