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Instarmac Fill IT Flowable Bulking Concrete

25kg Bag

£19.33 £16.11 inc. VAT

Instarmac Fill IT Flowable Bulking Concrete is a general purpose rapid setting and drying flowable concrete designed to eliminate the on-site bulking of underlayment’s with aggregrates for unwanted manholes, gullies, drainage and utility channels and deep section internal and external repairs. The product is suitable for applications between 30 to 300mm and sets within 20 minutes, its rapid setting and drying properties allow it to be covered with further underlayment’s and final fl oor finishes in as little as 12 hours.



Instarmac are a multi award-winning market-leading company. A specialist in the manufacture and distribution of cement and bitumen based products to the world markets for over 40 years. Instarmac have a solid reputation based on research, development and production of innovative materials for use in urban regeneration, tiling, commercial flooring and internal finishing markets.

  • No bulking out required
  • Self compacting
  • Cover times: 12 hours at 30mm / 24 hours at 300mm
  • Coverage: 2.5 x 25kg bags approx. 1m² at 30mm
  • 30-300mm depth
  • 5-10 mins working time
  • 20 mins set time
  • Internal & external use

Weight  25kg
Working Time 5 - 10 Minutes
Setting Time 15 - 30 Minutes
Range Ultra Floor
Brand Instarmac

What are the coverage rates for this product? 

2.5 x 25kg bags covers approximately 1m² at 30mm depth.

Do subfloors require a primer before application? 

Absorbent Subfloors: Priming with UltraFloor Prime IT Multi-surface primer (MSP) (SKU: PRIMEITMSP) typically diluted 3 parts water to 1 part primer is recommended to promote adhesion, control the curing profi le, give the optimum fl ow and handling characteristics. Allow primer to fully dry.

Non-absorbent Subfloors: Priming with UltraFloor Prime IT MSP (SKU: PRIMEITMSP) is required when applying UltraFloor Fill IT onto non-absorbent or very dense substrates such as quarry tiles, terrazzo and surface applied epoxy DPMs. Apply neat and allow primer to fully dry.

Metal: Metal surfaces or reinforced steel must be drained so that all rust and scale is removed. These should also be free from oil, grease and paint. Apply UltraFloor Prime IT MSP (SKU: PRIMEITMSP) neat and allow primer to fully dry.

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