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Trimtraders Megaseal Wetroom Waterproof Membrane

4kg Tub

£53.70 £44.75

Megaseal is a heavy-duty tanking membrane, providing a 100% watertight seal that is clearly visible when applied. Drying to a thick, grey membrane, its elastic property allows for movement in walls and floors, but bonds any loose-surface elements to a stable finish ready for tiling. Not just for wetrooms! Megaseal is an extremely versatile material and can be used as a damp proof membrane in many situations such as a garage and shed walls and for tanking out basements. Coverage: approx. 12.5 metre square per tub (based on 2 coat tanking).

  • High resistance to slippage when fixing wall tiles
  • Extended open time
  • No slippage
  • Frostproof
  • Perfect for cement screed and heated floors
  • Waterproof
  • Conforms to: EN12004 Class C1TE

Application Temparature  From + 10°c to +30°c
Mixture Pot Life 50 Minutes
Walkover time with caution for grouting on dry supports at 23°c 12 Hours
Final hardening on dry supports at 23°c 3 Days
Coverage Between 2.5-5kg/m² depending on substrate

How much coverage do I get from 1 bag?

You will get approximately 12.5 metre square per tub (based on 2 coat tanking).

Can you put underfloor heating straight on top of this product?

Yes you can use with underfloor heating.

Does this dry clear?

No, when dry it is grey in colour.

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