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Kerakoll Aquastop Nanoflex Waterproof Render

20kg Bag

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Certified, eco‑friendly, breathable, anti‑alkali and chlorine‑resistant, mineral membrane for the flexible waterproofing with high levels of adhesion and durability of substrates before laying with adhesives, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Aquastop Nanoflex® develops a smooth, fluid mixture that can be adjusted by varying the amount of water in order to obtain optimal workability for the particular site conditions, guaranteeing maximum adhesion of the bonded system.


Eco-friendly, Italian adhesive manufacturer. Kerakoll produce advance high strength flexible tile adhesives, stronger than any other product on the market. Their eco-friendly products are breathable eliminating poisonous odours that cause common illnesses related to indoor pollution. They have a wide range of adhesives suitable for porcelain, ceramic & natural stone for application onto wide range of substrates.

  • Single‑component
  • Completely water repellent, gives permanent elasticity and high chemical stability
  • 30% better coverage

Pack 20kg Bag
Coverage ≈ 1.15 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
Shelf Life ≈ 12 months

How thick should I apply Kerakoll Aquastop Nanoflex Waterproof Render? 

We suggest the first coat be about 1-2mm, pressing down to ensure maximum adhesion to the substrate. The second coat should be an even layer about 2-3 mm thick, covering the substrate completely.

How long does it take to set?

Subsequent laying of the coating must take place at least 24 hours after application of the last coat, using an inorganic adhesive from the Biogel® range. when working in low temperatures and with high humidity, the waiting time before laying will be longer. If rain falls on the product before it is fully hardened, check it is ready before applying the next coat/covering.

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