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Kerakoll Aquastop 120 Waterproof Elastic Tape Seal

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Kerakoll Aquastop 120 is a flexible NBR waterproof joint and elastic seal for perimeter and fractionizing joints, pipes and drains in waterproofing systems. For use under ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone. Bonds directly on application.

Aquastop 120 ensures continuous waterproofing even at expansion joints, drain outlets and around through elements.

  • For internal and external use
  • Ideal for bonding with eco‑friendly Aquastop Nanoflex®, Nanodefense® Eco, Aquastop Fix and Aquastop Nanogum membranes
  • Guaranteed waterproofing of all types of non‑structural fractionizing and connection joints
  • Resistant to alkalis and chlorine

Appearance Green Tape
Shelf Life Unlimited
Pack 1 Piece
Nature of Material Thermoplastic NBR
Associated Tape Seal Kerakoll Aquastop 120 Waterproof Elastic Tape Seal
Brand Kerakoll 

Do I need to over lap the corner pieces with the sealing tape?

Yes, the different elements must be connected using the waterproof membrane (such as Kerakoll Aquastop Nanoflex, Nanodefense Eco and Aquastop Fix sealant), overlapping the edges by at least 20 mm.

What size is the tape?

The roll is (L)50m x (W)120mm

What is the Kerakoll Aquastop 120 Sealing Tape & Corners used for?

It is for internal and external use on cement-based substrates, plasterboard and metal for wall-floor connection joints and fractionising joints. For waterproofing of joints in external surfaces (balconies, terraces) and standard sanitary environments (kitchens, shower cabinets, bathrooms, saunas).

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