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SHIELD Knee Protection Pads

£19.79 £16.49 inc. VAT

The Genesis SHIELD Knee Protection Pads are designed for all day comfort and offer complete support. Premium quality foam core provides maximum cushioning all day long. Velcro straps and pressure clip secure below the knee increasing stability and comfort. 


Established in 1989 in the ceramic and accessories market, Genesis quickly became a leading brand in the UK and around the world and have gone from strength to strength since. When it comes to tile trims, corners and end caps, Genesis has it all. Check out the range of Genesis products below to see which one will help you complete your current tiling project. As a leading global brand, Genesis provides innovative tile finishing solutions for professional tilers, DIY enthusiasts, and contractors.

  • Foam core gives maximum cushioning
  • Perforated neoprene lining 
  • One size fits all
  • Heavy Duty construction 
  • Velcro straps & Pressure clip secure below the knee increasing stability & comfort
  • Pack contains one pair

Colour Black/Blue
Pack Contents 1 Pair
Brand Genesis

How tight should knee pads be?

It should fit snug, but not tight. You don't want it to slide when you dive or bend too deeply, but you also don't want it to cut off your circulation. It should be comfortable enough to wear for an entire hour.


How do knee pads work?

Knee pads stabilize and protect your knees when working on hard and uneven surfaces by absorbing pressure—and shock, should you fall unexpectedly.

How do you wash knee pads?

Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, but in most cases, you can use soap and water to hand-wash your knee pads to remove dirt and sweat. It’s advised not to put them into a washing machine, and you should avoid submerging the pads in water unless recommended by the manufacturer. Be sure to allow the pads to air dry before storing to prevent mildewing.

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