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Genesis Dry Drill Bits

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Genesis Dry Drill Bits for the perfect finish, they are compatitable with most standard drills. They feature a wax filled cooling tip that absorbs the heat, melts and begins lubrication process, improves tool life and speed of drilling. Suitable for the dry drilling of porcelain, marble, granite & travertine tiles.

  • Compatitable with Standard Drills
  • Wax filled cooling tip
  • Suitable for the dry drilling of porcelain, Marble, Granite & Travertine Tiles.

Diameter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Drill Bit Type  Diamond Tile Drill
Product Type Dry Diamond Tile Drill Bit
Pack Size 1 Supplied
Brand Genesis 

Should I use water every few seconds or does this work better drilling dry only?

This product is filled with a wax lubricant which melts as the heat is produced, this can be used dry, however, when drilling a series of holes over a prolonged time. it is advisable to dip the diamond bit in water every several holes to allow the product to cool which increases the longevity of product.

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