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Trimtraders Long Legged Tile Spacers

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Trimtraders Long Legged Tile Spacers are ensure a regular joint width and for a quick and accurate alignment of wall and floor tiles. Spacers can be left in position and grouted over. Can also be used for brick bond, simply snap off one leg to create a T-spacer. 

Main Features:

  • Suitable for wall and floor tiles.

  • Cross shaped tile spacers.

  • Avaiable in numerous sizes and quantities.

Type  Long Legged Tile Spacers
Material Plastic
Colour White
Size 2mm, 3mm
Quantity 250, 500, 4000, 5000
Supplier  STS

How do I use tile spacers?

Once you’ve applied your adhesive and placed the tiles on top of it, simply place spacers at each corner of your tiles and then push the tiles together until the spacer is fully butted up against each corner of each tile. This will ensure an equal gap wherever the tiles meet. 


How long should I leave spacers in?

20-30 minutes. The spacers need to be in place until the tile adhesive sets, which usually takes from 20 to 30 minutes. Don't leave them much longer than that, or they may get bonded to the adhesive.


How many tile spacers do I need?

 Estimating the quantity of tile spacers for you project is easy – just take the number of tiles you’re using and multiply it by four! It’s always worth getting a little bit extra though to account for breakages and losing them amongst your tiling tools and materials.


What size should I choose?

Taking British Standards into consideration (as well as common practice) it is recommended that wall spacers are 2-3mm (with 2mm covering the majority of requirements) and floor spacers 3-5mm.

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