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Dual Edge Green Soft Rubber Grout Float - Epoxy

£8.80 £7.33

The Dual Edge Green Soft Rubber Grout Float - Epoxy is ideal for the grouting of floors and walls. Featuring a lightweight body with an ergonomic handle and antiabrasion rubber.

The dual profile rubber (Small Edge - 18° Large Edge - 42°) allows optimal performance both with low density and high density grout, with both narrow and large joints.

  • Duel Edge Float
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Antiabrasion rubber

Width 116mm
Length 248mm
Item Weight 380g
Edge Degrees  Small Edge - 18° Large Edge - 42°
Material Rubber
Brand Genesis

Do you need a special float for epoxy grout?

Epoxy grout has a thick, and sticky consistency. It sets up fairly quickly, and is rather difficult to clean up. You need a rubber float when spreading epoxy grout. The rubber must also resist the epoxy or else it will gum up on the float.

How do you use a rubber grout float?

Hold the grout float at 45 degrees to the floor and firmly press it down. Apply the grout in diagonal strokes. Make sure you cover the entire floor with grout including the tile. Hold your grout float at 90 degrees to the floor and thin out excess grout on the tile leaving a smooth and even surface.

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