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Professional Premium Grout Float

£10.32 £8.60

This Genesis Professional Premium Grout Float is high-quality, installer grade, making it ideal for professional installers, as well as DIY applications. The grout float has a blue, PVC handle and features a premium white rubber face with beveled edges and aluminium backing. It is the ideal tool for grouting large areas.

  • Installer grade
  • Moulded plastic handle
  • White rubber face
  • Bevelled edges to protect tiles
  • Two rounded front corners

Width 102mm
Length 240mm
Brand Genesis

I need a tool to skim internal walls, would this this work?

No, we would'nt recommend it, this is for tile grouting.

What is the difference between a margin float and this Professional Premium Grout Float?

A margin float has the handle on the end and is smaller. Shaped just like a margin trowel.

I'm a beginner, how do I use a grout float?

Hold the grout float at 45 degrees to the floor and firmly press it down. Apply the grout in diagonal strokes. Make sure you cover the entire floor with grout including the tile. Hold your grout float at 90 degrees to the floor and thin out excess grout on the tile leaving a smooth and even surface.

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