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Grout Float With PVC Handle

£8.22 £6.85

By trusted brand Genesis, this is the perfect tool for grouting walls and floor tiles. Measuring 240x90mm in size this float is designed with a PVC handle and aluminium backing which has a white rubber face and bevelled edges this helps when spreading the tile grout.

  • Rubber handle with aluminium top plate.
  • 2 Rounded corners prevent scraping of grout joints.
  • 2 Square corners allow complete grout coverage in corners.

Width 90mm
Length 240mm
Material PVC, ALuminium, Rubber
Type Float
Brand  Genesis

What does a grout float do?

A grout float is a hard rubber pad with a handle on one side. Grout is the mortar that goes between the tiles, locking them together. You use the float to spread the grout out and force it into the cracks and channels between tiles.

What type of grout float do I need?

The only way to apply grout properly is by using a rubber grout float, which consists of a rectangular non-stick gum rubber or soft nylon pad that is firm but flexible and which prevents the absorption of materials.

How do you use a rubber grout float?

Hold the float with its face at an angle of about 45 degrees to the tile to force the grout into the joint. When the joints are filled, remove excess grout from the face of the tiles by holding the float at almost 90 degrees to the tile and scraping it off.

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