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Cellulose Sponge Epoxy Grout Float

£15.90 £13.25 inc. VAT

The Cellulose Sponge Epoxy Grout Float is a heavy duty cellulose grout float for multiple tiling uses. The cellulose sponge material is more durable than regular soft sponge so more suitable for cleaning epoxy grouts and for use on abrasive surfaces.


Established in 1989 in the ceramic and accessories market, Genesis quickly became a leading brand in the UK and around the world and have gone from strength to strength since. When it comes to tile trims, corners and end caps, Genesis has it all. Check out the range of Genesis products below to see which one will help you complete your current tiling project. As a leading global brand, Genesis provides innovative tile finishing solutions for professional tilers, DIY enthusiasts, and contractors.

  • Block cut 30mm Cellulose Sponge
  • Professional Float 280 x 140mm
  • Plastic Handle
  • Ideal for Epoxy

Depth 30mm
Width 140mm
Length 280mm
Suitable For  Epoxy Based Grouts
Pack Quantity 1
Brand Genesis

What is a cellulose sponge?

Cellulose sponges are made from wood pulp so that small holes inside the sponge can absorb liquid and hold it inside. Cellulose sponges are the sponges with highest absorption capacity of the market, capable of absorbing up to 10 times more than traditional PU sponges. They are suitable for cleaning all surfaces and are specially recommended to clean rests of EPXI grout. 


Why are cellulose sponges recommended for use on epoxy based grout? 

The cellulose sponge material is more durable than regular soft sponge so more suitable for removal of epoxy grouts and for use on abrasive surfaces.

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