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Genesis PVC Round Edge Capping Strip

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Genesis KCS is a flexible PVC capping seal used to finish the top of a resilient floor covering where it has been coved up the wall. Capping seals are usually used in conjunction with a cover former.

Main Features:

  • Industry recognised brand

  • Flexible PVC

  • Available in 2m lengths

  • 3 Finish Options

  • 1 Depth Options

  • Provides a neat finish

Available Depth Sizes:

  • 2mm

Avaliable Finishes White, Black, Dolphin Grey
Length 2m
Width 40mm
Depth 2mm

How do i install this product?

Preparation is essential to a good quality installation. Surfaces must be sound, smooth, dry, and free from contaminants which will affect adhesion. Wall surfaces should be free from any previous coverings, linings or
adhesive residues used to fix them.

  1. Mark the position of the top of the capping seal on the wall and join together using a chalk line.

  2. Apply a proprietary contact adhesive to the wall and back of the capping seal.

  3. Allow the adhesive to become touch dry.

  4. Once dry, bring both surfaces together and apply even pressure along the capping seal ensuring any air bubbles are removed and full contact is made with the wall.

  5. All internal corners should be mitre cut. External corners may

Does this product require any maintenance?

Regular maintenance will prevent the buildup of dirt and grease. Under no circumstances should degreasers of any type be used on this profile. Similarly floor cleaners/ sanitisers which contain hydrocarbons or citrus based agents should not be used. Floor sealants, polishes should not under any circumstances be applied to PVC, the use of such aggressive detergents could result in colour fade within the PVC.

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