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Genesis Flexible PVC Cove Former

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Genesis KCOV cove former provides a neat cove, allowing floor coverings to be dressed up the wall to form a skirting, whilst supporting the floor coverings at the weakest point.

Main Features:

  • Industry recognised brand

  • High Quality PVC

  • 1 Finish Option

  • 2 Depth Option

Finish Black
Length 2m
Width/Depth 20mm, 32mm, 38mm
Material PVC

How do i install this product?

  1. Ensure the substrate is dry, smooth and free from any contaminants.

  2. Lay the lengths of cove former around the perimeter of the area and using a sharp knife or hacksaw cut the lengths to size.

  3. All external and internal corners should be cut with the aid of a mitre block.

  4. Once cut, remove the profile away from the wall and lay face down.

  5. Apply a proprietary contact adhesive to the back of the profile and leave to dry.

  6. Apply the same adhesive to the wall (approx 20mm from the floor up) and to the floor (approx 20mm from the wall into the floor) and leave to dry.

  7. Once the adhesive is touch dry, place the profile in position, apply firm pressure along the full length to ensure full contact is made by the profile between wall and floor.

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