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Kerakoll Green Pro Anti Crack Matting Waterproof Membrane

Per 1.15 m2

£13.99 £11.66

Kerakoll Green Pro Waterproof Membrane is an uncoupling and anti-cracking waterproof membrane with high adhesion for balconies, terraces and horizontal surfaces before laying ceramic tiles or natural stone; creates a waterproof surface even when overlaid on substrates that are cracked, have not been perfectly cured or might contain vapour pressure due to residual substrate moisture content.

Kerakoll Green Pro Decoupling Matting is supplied in 1.15m² lengths, please increase your quantity for longer lengths. 1.15m² x 20 = 23m² (1 Roll). This means each roll covers 23m².

  • It waterproofs any kind of surface, old or new, dry or cracked

  • It compensates for hygrometric shrinkage and thermal expansion stress

  • It withstands foot traffic immediately, and speeds up work on site

  • PA – hydrophobic PA fibres with high tensile strength to guarantee a superior and more evenly distributed available contact surface.

  • HDPE – waterproof and variable geometry HDPE structure to guarantee physical separation between the substrate and the flooring.

  • TNT – highly breathable sheet to guarantee passage of the vapour from uncured screeds or screeds with high residual humidity and to guarantee high levels of adhesion to the substrates.

Appearance  Composite polymeric membrane
Colour White/Transparent/Green
Shelf Life

24 Months in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct exposire to sunlight and sources of heat

Width 1.15 m ± 1.5 cm EN 1848-2
Length 20 m EN 1848-2
Thickness ≈ 4 mm EN 1849
Substrate Residual Humidty  Max 8% EN 10329
Longitudinal Elongation 20% DIN 53504 / ISO 254
Transversal Elongation 25% DIN 53504 / ISO 254

Can I use this outside?

Yes, the membrane is ideal for using on balconies and terraces alike. Kerakoll Green Pro Decoupling Matting creates a waterproof surface even when overlaid on substrates that are cracked. 

How much space does one roll cover?

One roll will cover approximately 23m².

Can I use this on plaster-board?

Yes, it is suitable to use on:

Screeds, including any that are cracked and not completely cured or with possible vapour pressure caused by residual humidity,

Existing ceramic, marble floor tiles, natural stone floorings anchored to the substrate,

Cured concrete,

Fibre-cement and plaster-board panels anchored to the substrate.

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