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Mustang 'Ebro' Levelling Tool

1 Piece / Suitable for use with Mustang & Mustang +Plus systems

£27.42 £22.85

Mustang Levelling Systems are a simple and quick solution to acheiving level tiled floors with no lippage. The Mustang 'Ebro' Levelling Tool is a handy time saving accessory that allows the user to quickly apply the correct amount of pressure when combining a Mustang wedge to it’s relevant base clip. Applying pressure with the 'Ebro' tool is a quick and easy process but also provides a good indication as to where the resistance point is before any clip breakages occur. Using the Mustang tool makes lip free tiling effortless and stress free. 

  • Fast & efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Precision application
  • Ergonomic design

Quantity  1
Colour Black
Range Mustang
Brand  Mustang Level

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