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Lithofin Resin Ex [UNI]

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A Specialist Professional Product. Removes residues of epoxy grout, brush-in systems, similar organic substances such as resins, sealants, oil and grease deposits, paint (graffiti), adhesives, plastic residues, etc. Suitable for ceramic and quarry tiles and rough natural and artificial stones. Not suitable for polished or acid sensitive stone. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Highly effective
  • Leaves no residues
  • Gel-like, easy to use

Size 1 Litre
pH Value  Approx. 3
Odour Slightly Pungent
Solubility in Water Emulsifiable
Coverage Approx. 5m²/kg
Storage Keep closed and cool for up to 2 years
Brand  Lithofin

Can I use this to remove epoxy resin motar?

Yes, generously apply to the dry surface using a brush or a roller. Allow to work for approx. 3 hrs at about 20°C. Then use a rough pad (ex. green pad for glazed tiles) to work through. Add water and continue to scrub. Remove excess fluid and rinse with water immediately. Coverage: up to approx. 20 m²/L on glazed tiles.

Is this suitble to use on concrete?

Yes this product can be used on all quarry and ceramic tiles, rough natural stones such as granite, gneiss, quartzite as well as concrete and concrete stone.

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