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Lithofin Protector For Quartz [PRO]

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This special protector for quartz composite and similar artificial stones provides proper surface protection. The solvent based active treatment contains nano components that produce a strong oil and water repellent effect. The ingredients are UV-resistant and do not yellow. The surfaces' sensitivity to acid is not altered. This is a specialist Professional Product.
  • Simplifies maintenance and helps prevent staining
  • Enhances colours
  • Does not form layers

Volume  1L
Coverage Approx 20 to 35 m²/Ltr. depending on the surface.
Storage Keep closed, cool and dry for up to 2 years. 
Drying Time Surface is dry after approx. 30 min. Material can be carefully handled after approx. 2 hours. The treatment becomes fully effective after approx. 72 hours. Do not cover or use vacuum lifting pads during that time.
Brand  Lithofin

How do I use Lithofin Protector for Quartz [PRO]?

The surface must be dry, clean and completely free of oil, grease, silicone, wax, etc. Use Lithofin Composite Cleaner for thoroughly cleaning the surface. Always treat the entire surface in one operation. 1. Apply to the dry surface using a roller (do not apply any pressure) and immediately distribute thinly and evenly. 2. Allo to penetrate for approx. 10 minutes while redistributing the product several times. 3. Towel off all product residues with a dry and absorbent cloth. Do not allow any product resdiues to remain on the surface. 4. Rub the surface down with a micro fibre cloth for an even finish and allow to dry.

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