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Lithofin Flagstone Sealant [MN]

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A surface sealant for rough to honed natural stone that produces a shine and enhances the appearance. The shiny protective layer closes the pores of the stone so that water and dirt can no longer penetrate into the surface. The natural colours in the stone become enhanced. The protective film is hard wearing, UV-resistant and does not yellow. It can be used on all porous and absorbent natural stones, such as marble, granite, slate, etc. as well as terrazzo and concrete slabs.

  • For rough, absorbant stones
  • For floors, walls, stairs etc
  • For indoor use

Volume  1L
Coverage Up to 10m²/L on rough limestone
Up to 12m²/L on sawn granite.
Drying Time Dry after approx. 45 minutes, fully cured after approx. 24 hours
Storage Closed, cool and dry. Do not store in temperatures above 25°C. Shelf life of approx. 4 years.
Odour Aromatic
Brand Lithofin


How do I apply this product?

The surface to be treated must be absorbent, clean and completely dry. Always test the product in an inconspicuous area in order to evaluate the effect. Evenly apply with a clean roller or a large sponge. On very absorbent surfaces, a second coat may be required.

Please Note: non-absorbent, polished or finely honed surfaces cannot be sealed. Protect all solvent sensitive surfaces, such as glass, polished surfaces, wood, lacquered surfaces, plastics, etc. The product can be removed from the surface with Lithofin Wax Off (Product Code: LTWOFCON). Lithofin MN Flagstone Sealant is only suitable for surfaces where the penetration of water (from below or the sides) is not possible. Moisture underneath the sealant will lead to white spots or even damage the surface.

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