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Lithofin Ceramic Clean [KF]

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Lithofin Ceramic Clean [KF] for regular maintenance care in bathrooms, showers and toilets as well as kitchen areas, produces both shine and hygienic cleanliness. Removes surface residues such as calcium and limescale, dirt/rust deposits and soap scum. Suitable for ceramic tiles, grouting, chrome, stainless steel etc. Not for acid-sensitive surfaces such as polished marble and limestone.

  • Self-acting
  • Concentrate - high yield
  • Pleasant odour

Volume  1L
Coverage Up to 100m² /L
pH Value <1 (concentrate)
Storage Keep closed and cool for up to 5 years
Brand Lithofin

How do I use Lithofin Ceramic Clean [KF]?

Depending on the stubbornness of the dirt, dilute the product up to 1:15 and apply it to the surface with a brush or sponge. On small surfaces, simply put a small amount of Lithofin KF Ceramic-Clean on a wet sponge. Allow the product to work briefly, then rinse well with water. In case of very stubborn dirt deposits, use the product undiluted. Always test in an inconspicuous area prior to use.
Please Note: do not use on acid sensitive surfaces such as polished marble and limestone, enamel, certain decorative tiles, etc.

Can this product be used on porcelain tile?

Yes. Ceramic-Clean is suitable for ceramic tiles, grouting, chrome, stainless steel, glass and many types of plastics. Not suitable for polished marble and limestone.

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