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Kerakoll Keragrip Eco Substrate Promoter


£53.98 £44.98

Keragrip Eco is a certified, eco-friendly, water-based adhesion promoter for compact, non-absorbent substrates and timber substrates. Kerakoll Keragrip Eco Substrate Promoter develops extended overlay times, making it safe and easy to apply high adhesion mineral levelling and self levelling products, even when overlaying. Ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

  • For internal use walls and floors
  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy-to-identify red liquid
  • Suitable even at low temperatures
  • Easy to use for fast and safe apllications
  • Ideal in renovation work
  • Suitable for substrates treated with resins

Weight/Volume 5kg 
Coverage  0,1 - 0,2 kg/m²
Colour Red Liquid 
Brand  Kerakoll

What substrates is this suitable for?

It is suitbale for existing ceramic or natural stone coatings, concrete flooring, compact and smooth cement-based screeds, stable wooden panellings and hardwood floors, substrates in metal on rigid supporting surfaces, residual traces of resin-based adhesives, epoxy resin substrates, varnishes and rigid PVC coatings.

Do not use on high deformability substrates, on substrates which are damp or subject to moisture rising, for overlaying of mortar and plasters with semi-dry consistency and high granulometric grading.

How long do I need to wait before laying down flooring?

Minimum waiting time before laying ≥ 1 hr. Maximum waiting time before laying ≤ 24 hrs.

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