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Lithofin Stain Stop PLUS Impregnator [UNI]

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Lithofin Stain Stop PLUS impregnator [UNI] is a ready-to-use special product from the Lithofin range for ceramics, natural- and concrete stone. Lithofin Stain Stop PLUS contains high-quality water and oil repellent agents based on siloxanes and dissolved in solvents. Special additives permanently intensify the colour structure.

Lithofin Stain Stop PLUS sinks into the stone and reduces the capillary absorbency so water, oil and grease can no longer penetrate the surface. These materials remain on the surface and can be wiped off before they cause stains. In addition to protecting the stone, Lithofin Stainstop PLUS darkens it thereby invigorating the colour structure.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Matte
  • Surface remains 'breathable'
  • Long-term effect

Size  500ml, 1L, 5L
Coverage Approx. 6 to 15m²/L
Odour  Aromatic
Storage Keep closed, cool and dry for up to 2 years
Brand  Lithofin

What do I use to apply this?

Apply Lithofin Stainstop PLUS with a brush, a roller or a cloth.

Can this be used on polished stone tiles?

Yes it is highly suitable for weak to medium absorbent natural stones like granite, gneiss, quartzite, slate and limestone with rough to honed surfaces, as well as polished stones.

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