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Lithofin Wexa [UNI]

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Lithofin Wexa [UNI] is a universally usable multi-purpose cleaning concentrate. A combination of alkaline cleaning components and mild solvents allow for a wide field of use. Lithofin Wexa can be diluted with water and can therefore be optimally adjusted for all uses. Properties Lithofin Wexa dissolves and removes old wax layers, care product residues, some sealants, self gloss films, oily and greasy dirt, rubber and tar marks, paint, etc.

  • Concentrate - high yield
  • Highly active
  • Universally usable

Size 1L, 5L
Odour Mildly Aromatic, Citrus-like
Storage Keep closed, cool, dry, for up to 2 years
Coverage Approx. 7-15 m² per litre when used undiluted, up to 100 m² when used diluted.
Brand Lithofin

How do I use Lithofin Wexa [UNI]?

Apply Lithofin Wexa [UNI] diluted up to 1:10 with a brush or white pad and allow it to work for 5 to 20 minutes depending on the stubbornness of the dirt deposit. Do not allow the product to dry, brush occasionally. At the end of the working time, add water and brush. Remove the product from the surface with plenty of water and rinse well. In very stubborn cases, repeat this process with longer working times and brushing. In case of light deposits, Lithofin Wexa[UNI] can be diluted up to 1:20 with water. Please Note: solvent sensitive surfaces, such as rubber, plastics, newly varnished surfaces, etc. may be attacked by the product. Always test the product in an inconspicuous area.

I have a terracotta surface which was installed a long time ago, dirt has pentrated the protective wax film, can I use this to refurbish the surface?

In order to remove the dirt, the wax film must be partially dissolved. Dilute Lithofin Wexa up to 1:4 with water (test for the adequate degree of dilution in an inconspicuous area) and apply it to the surface. Allow the product to work for 10 to 15 minutes. Brush vigorously and rinse the surface with plenty of clear water. Allow the surface to dry completely. Applying Lithofin TC Classic Wax (Product code: LTCLWCON) or Lithofin TC Ever-Sheen (Product oce: LTEVECON) will achieve an elegant sheen on the surface.

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