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Lithofin Stain Stop W Impregnator [UNI]

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Lithofin Stain Stop W Impregnator [UNI], a solvent free impregnator protects surfaces against the penetration of oil, water and grease with highly active water and oil repellent polymers & additives. Facilitates care for ease of maintenance on absorbent stain sensitive surfaces. Suitable for many natural stones, with a polished, honed or rough surface, concrete and absorbent unglazed tiles. The product is UV resistant and does not yellow. For indoor and outdoor use. Available in 1L or 5L containers. 

  • Invisible
  • Matte
  • Odourless

Coverage Approx. 10 to 20m²/L
Size (Litres) 1L, 5L
Application Temperature 10°C to 25°C
pH Value Approx. 4.5 
Storage Keep closed and cool for up to 2 years
Brand  Lithofin


How do I apply this product?

The surface should be completely dry, clean and free of stains. Shake the bottle before use. Apply generously and evenly using a mop, brush, roller or sponge. Ensure the material is evenly distributed on polished surfaces by wiping over several times. Lithofin Stain Stop W can also be applied with a garden pump spray and then be distributed evenly with a wide brush. Highly absorbent surfaces should receive a second application after approx. 20 minutes. Avoid puddles and drips which should be wiped away immediately. Ensure that all surplus product is removed, do not allow it to dry on the surface. Clean all tools with water immediately after use.

How long does stain stop take to dry? 

The full effect will be achieved after 48 hours. Keep the surface free of water and oil during this time.

What can I do tomake the light coloured stone surface on my terrace less sensitive to dirt?

Protecting the surface with Lithofin Stain Stop W will prevent water, dirt, oil and grease from penetrating into the surface, thereby simplifying maintenance.



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