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Lithofin Impregnator [TC]

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The brand Lithofin is backed by more than 50 years of experience in the field of cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, natural and artificial stone. Some of Lithofin's most popular products are Lithofin MN Stain Stop, Lithofin Easy Care and Easy Clean, as well as Lithofin Power Clean and Lithofin Wexa. The name Lithofin is a combination of the Greek word lithos = stone and the English term finishing treatment.

A ready-to-use, solvent free impregnator to prevent oil, water and dirt penetrating the surface. Applied immediately before final treatment with Lithofin TC Sealant. Lithofin Impregnator [TC] penetrates into porous surfaces and forms a thin, invisible film inside the capillaries. This treatment prevents water, dirt and oil from sinking into the surface. Cleaning the surface is greatly simplified. The surface’s permeability is only slightly reduced, the appearance of the surface is not altered, but it may turn slightly darker. This product is the first part of the modern method for the protective treatment of terracotta. For indoor use only.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy to use
  • Fast-drying

Volume  1L, 5L
Coverage Up to 10m²/L
Storage Keep closed, cool and frostfree for up to 2 years
Brand Lithofin

How long does this product take to dry?

Approximately one hour depending on the room temperature. The finishing treatment with Lithofin Sealant should be commenced directly after drying.

Can I use this as a grout aid?

Yes, it can be used for removing grouting material from porous surfaces. Dilute Lithofin Impregnator [TC] approx. 1:3 up to 1:5 depending on the absorbency of the surface. Evenly apply to the dry surface. Allow the product to dry for approx. two hours before grouting.

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