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Lithofin Classic Wax [TC]

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The brand Lithofin is backed by more than 50 years of experience in the field of cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, natural and artificial stone. Some of Lithofin's most popular products are Lithofin MN Stain Stop, Lithofin Easy Care and Easy Clean, as well as Lithofin Power Clean and Lithofin Wexa. The name Lithofin is a combination of the Greek word lithos = stone and the English term finishing treatment.

Lithofin Classic Wax [TC] is for final treatment of terracotta floors that have been pre-treated with Lithofin Classic Primer [TC]. Waxing the surface is the second step of the so called "classical" method of treating terracotta. The treatment strengthens the colours and leaves an elegant sheen. Lithofin Classic Wax [TC] is also suitable for touching up waxed surfaces. The product is not suitable for glazed tiles, highly absorbent surfaces and outdoor use. For indoor use only.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy to use
  • Fast-drying

Volume 1L, 5L
Coverage Approx. 10m² per litre depending on absorbency, up to 50m² when touching up old surfaces.
Storage Keep closed, cool and dry for up to 3 years
Brand Lithofin

What is the difference between the classic Wax and Classic Wax Antique?

Different colour finish. Classic Wax [TC] has a neutral colour whereas the Classic Was Antique creates a slightly richer more antique patina on the teracotta.

Is this product a liquid or a thick wax like beeswax that you apply with a sponge?

The wax is a thick wax. Instructions on how to heat the tin in a water bath to soften the wax are provided. If warmed, stir before use. Approx. 60 minutes after applying Lithofin Classic Primer [TC], apply Lithofin Classic Wax [TC] to the surface with a cloth or a nylon pad and work into the surface. Pre-polish after approx. 10 minutes, preferably using a polishing machine. After approx. 60 minutes, the surface has dried enough for the final polish (using a brush, pad or felt). Do not walk on the surface for 12 hours. When touching up a used surface, apply thinly and polish after approx. 10 minutes.

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