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Kerakoll Primer A Eco Water Based Primers

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Primer A Eco develops an isolating, cohesive film which nutralizes the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum or anhydrite-based screeds in contact with mineral motars and adhesives. Reduces and regulates the absorbtion of highly porous substrates.

Certified, eco-friendly, water-based surface isolation for dry, absorbent mineral/cement/gypsum or anhydrite-based scbstrates. Ideal for GreenBuilding

  • Solvent-free
  • Binds dust
  • Extends the workability of mineral adhesives and levelling products

Weight 1KG, 5KG
Colour Green
Shelf Life 12 months in the original packaging
Brand  Kerkoll

Minimum waiting time before laying?

Isolation product for gypsum and anhydrite ≥ 4 hrs
Regulation of substrate absorption ≥ 1 hr
Maximum waiting time before laying: ≤ 24 hrs

Can be this be used on external flooring?

No, do not use on external flooring as waterproofing product for metallic, unstable wood and wet substrates or those subject to moisture rising.

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