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Instarmac Suppress IT Moisture Vapour Suppressant

5 Litre

£78.14 £65.12 inc. VAT

Instarmac Suppress IT Moisture Vapour Suppressant is a ready to use single component rapid drying moisture suppressant primer membrane. It is water based and solvent free and must be applied in two coats. Designed to suppress residual construction moisture thus allowing earlier installation of floor coverings.


Instarmac are a multi award-winning market-leading company. A specialist in the manufacture and distribution of cement and bitumen based products to the world markets for over 40 years. Instarmac have a solid reputation based on research, development and production of innovative materials for use in urban regeneration, tiling, commercial flooring and internal finishing markets.

  • Water based, solvent free formulation
  • Single component
  • Up to 95% RH protection
  • Removes the need to prime
  • Coverage: approx 16.5m² based on two coats
  • Resealable bottle, eliminating waste
  • Pigmented orange for coverage control

Volume  5 Litre
Shelf Life A minimum of 12 months when stored between 5°C - 30°C.
Storage To be kept out of direct sunlight and should be stored at temperatures between 5°C - 30°C at all times. If allowed to freeze, UltraFloor cannot guarantee product performance.
Range  Ultrafloor 
Brand Instarmac 

How long does it take to dry and cure?

All curing and drying times are based on good site conditions i.e. an air temperature of 20o C and good ventilation. Allow between 20-30 minutes for the 1st coat and approximately 30-60 minutes for the 2nd coat. Sites that are cold, humid or damp or in areas where airflow is poor, will prolong drying and curing times, so allowances should be made accordingly. Keep the subfloor completely clear of other trades and foot traffic until cured. The product should cure to provide a glossy orange coloured film. Inspect to ensure a pinhole free film has been attained.

What substrates is this priduct suitable to use on?

UltraFloor Suppress IT is suitable for use on most cement based subfloors. UltraFloor recommends consultation with subfloor preparation equipment suppliers to ensure correct equipment for the substrates is selected.
Concrete & Power Floated Concrete: Mechanically abrade to remove all surface hardeners and additives. Make dust free.
Cementitious Screeds: Lightly abrade to remove any contamination from other trades and to remove any weak upper surface materials. Make dust free.

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