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Maintenance Kit CERAM - For Ceramic Kitchen Worktops

£27.30 £22.75

This kit contains the products you need to maintain your ceramic kitchen worktops. Lithofin Maintenance Kit for Ceramic Worktops contains, Lithofin KF HyClean for regular cleaning and Lithofin KF Clear Top for an occasional deep clean and for removing limescale. A white microfibre cloth is also included.
  • For regular, every-day cleaning of all ceramic surfaces, especially kitchen counter tops, table and bar tops, vanity tops, etc. Also suitable for ceramic, glass and synthetic surfaces in sanitary areas.

  • ready-to-use cleaning product that works quickly and efficiently

  • This product does not create any fumes, but leaves
    behind a fresh scent.

For Use  For Ceramic Kitchen Worktops
Up to 10m² per bottle

Lithofin KF HyClean

Lithofin KF Clear Top

White Microfibre Cloth 



How do i use this product?

Apply the undiluted product to the dirt deposit and
allow it to work briefly. Use a moist cloth or towel to remove the cleaner dirt solution from the surface. Towel dry if required.

Please note: do not use on surfaces sensitive to acids
(e.g. aluminium, marble, lacquered surfaces, etc.).
Always test prior to use.

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