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Lithofin Multi Surface Disinfectant [HOME]

£12.66 £10.55

A universally applicable disinfectant cleaner for washable hard surfaces. This product cleans and disinfects in one easy operation and leaves hygienically clean surfaces. Viruses and bacteria are quickly and effectively removed. Specially formulated to be neutral, free of chlorine and acids.
  • Highly effective
  • Ready-to-use
  • Neutral

Coverage  5-10 m² per 500 ml
Storage  Keep closed, cool and standing upright for up to 2 years
Quantity 1 500ml Bottle 
pH-Value Approx. 8
Brand Lithofin

Can I use the Lithofin Surface Disinfection on my hands?

The product Lithofin Surface Disinfection is not suitable for disinfecting hands and is not intended for this purpose.

Use the product for hygienic cleaning of washable surfaces such as door handles, telephones, fitness equipment, washstands, toilet and bathroom and many more.

The application time of about 10 minutes should be observed in order to effectively kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Wipe with a damp cloth after the application time.


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