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Genesis TCC Fast Fit Slimline Aluminium Floor Transition Base

0.92 Metre

£5.99 £4.99

Unique Clip System compatible with all TCR and TCS The TCC base section accomodates a variety of floor coverings. Accommodates height variation up to 23mm. TCC - Multiflex base for all other floor coverings each 0.92m base is supplied with 5 large and 5 Standard clips offering numerous height options, simple to install the TCC/TCG provides the perfect safe and secure solution.

Main Features:

  • Industry recognised brand

  • High Quality Aluminium

  • Available in 0.92m lengths

  • Comes with 5 large and 5 Standard clips

  • 1 Finish Option

  • 1 Depth Option

Finish Milled Aluminium
Length 0.92m
Width 25mm
Material Aluminium

How do i install this product?

  1. Ensure the TCR / TCS profile sufficiently covers the required gap.

  2. Select the TCG base for carpet / TCC for hard floor coverings.

  3. Cut profile to required length and secure to the floor with contact adhesive and or mechanical fix.

  4. Select the clip that best suits the height variances and slide the appropriate clips onto the underside of the TCR / TCS profile so that they are evenly spaced apart.

  5. Position the clip above the Base channel and gently apply pressure, once the clips are secure then a rubber mallet can be used for final assembly.

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