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Genesis Slimline PVC Movement & Perimeter Joints

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Genesis MLB is a Light Duty PVC Movement Joint designed to protect the edge of the floor covering from light traffic (e.g. foot traffic). One of the flanges which is primarily designed to sit under the floor covering can be removed by hand on site by snapping along the V-shaped groove in the extrusion. This now modified profile with one flange is perfect as a perimeter joint providing a 10mm cushion around the entire installation between the floor covering and the wall. The profiles are also suited for exterior use, e.g. on facades or balconies.

  • Superior edge protection

  • The profiles are also suited for exterior use

  • Highly durable PVC

  • British Standard BS 5385 recommends that a Joint should be able to absorb 20% of the width of the Joint in movement accommodation

Finish Black, dark grey, beige
Length 2.5m
Width 5mm
Depth 10mm, 12.5mm
Brand Genesis

How do I install this product?

  1. Ensure the correct depth of profile is selected according to the tile depth.
  2. Using a suitable Notched Trowel spread Tile Adhesive onto the floor in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.
  3. Firmly bed the adhesive into the adhesive in the correct location - make sure that the adhesive penetrates the holes in the flange.
  4. Spread the adhesive over the anchoring legs and bed the tiles firmly into the adhesive (best practice is for the profile to be approximately 1mm lower than the Tile).
  5. A grout joint should be left between the tile and the profile

Does this product require any maintenance?

To achieve the most favourable performance,
please follow the maintenance instructions below.

  1. Regular maintenance of the Profile will help prolong the life of the product. A build up of dirt and grease can prove hazardous and also affect the appearance of the profile.
  2. Firstly, any excess dirt should be removed by using a quality vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush. A harsh bristle will mark the material.
  3. The profile should then be cleaned by using a soapless, neutral detergent in warm water on a damp cloth. They should then be rinsed with clean water, again using a soft, damp cloth.
  4. Polishes will reduce anti-slip properties and solvent cleaners are not suitable
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