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Trimtraders No More Ply Wetroom Trays

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Heavy duty XPS wetroom trays with reinforced cement outer for stronger build. Perfect gradient to facilitate fast flow of water to trap. 6mm rebated edge to accommodate 6mm No More Ply boards. 22mm thick at the edge of the tray were it meets the floor to create a completely level access. Central waste.

Please note this tray is not structural, and would need to be supported between the joists.

  • Reinforced cement edges for stronger build
  • 6mm rebated edge


Description  Size Drain
1000mm x 1000mm Wetroom Tray  1000mm x 1000mm Centre
1200mm x 900mm Wetrom Tray  1200mm x 900mm  Linear
1500mm x 1000mm Wetroom Tray  1500mm x 1000mm  Linear 

Are No More Ply shower trays self supporting?

Yes, they sit directly on the joists without the need for boarding between joists. You may have to add extra noggins along the side of the tray or around the trap if necessary.


Do I still have to use MegaLastic?

No, the tray now comes with a pre primed textured finish ready to recieve any good quality flexible tile adhesive. Some people still prefer to use megalastic as belt and braces.


Can I use under floor heating on the tray?

Yes you can. The only restriction is that you can't use self levelling compound as this will remove the falls in the tray.


What is the rebate for?

The rebate is designed so that 6mm No More Ply boards can overlap the edge of tray by 20mm to create an extra waterproof barrier rather than having a butt joint.


How do I fix the tray to the joists? 

You fix the tray with mega strength adhesive which is applied to the top of the joists. You also pilot drill and screw through the rebate into the joist below. You don't screw through the main useable shower tray area.

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