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Trimtraders No More Ply - Construction Boards

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Trim Traders

Trim Traders have over 25 years of experience in the tiling industry. We are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. All of our products are made to the highest quality standard and will help you produce a premium finished project.

Suitable for internal and external use. Impervious to moisture and A1 Fire Rated. The Trimtraders No More Ply Construction Boards have numerous applications including over boarding timber floors prior to tiling as well as cavity closure, eaves boards, under canopies, or as a ceiling board where fire rating is required. The A1 fire resistant board means that your structure will be safer in the event of a fire outbreak.

  • A stronger build means these boards can withstand surface impact, making the finish more durable and longer lasting
  • Water resistant properties makes this an ideal partition wall in damp or wet areas, such as bathrooms
  • Weather resistant, so can be exposed to poor weather on site during the construction phase without concern
  • Faster to fit than laying blocks, it's an ideal alternative to masonry substrates for domestic and commercial applications
  • Made up of compacted cement with fibres, Trimtraders Construction Board has exception strength properties
  • It also accepts wall mounted fixings without the need to secure to stud beams
  • Boards are easily fixed to timber or metal stud work, using Trimtraders Mega Strength Polyurethane Adhesive and specialist Trimtraders screws that don't require any pre-drilling
  • Fibre cement provides a unique bonding surface for thin coat render systems and comes highly endorsed by industry leading render manufacturers
  • The density of Trimtraders Construction Boards provides the perfect solution for decibel (dB) reduction for party wall partitioning offering up to 50dB reduction - lab tested)

  1200mm x 6mm 1200mm x 9mm 1200mm x 12mm

2400mm x 6mm

2400mm x 9mm 2400mm x 12mm
Dimensions 1200mm x 600mm 1200mm x 900mm 1200mm x 800mm 2400mm x 1200mm 2400mm x 1200mm 2400mm x 1200mm
Weight 6.25kg 12.8kg 15.2kg 28kg 39.5kg 45kg
Tolerance    0.2%     0.2%  
Test Standard BS EN 12467:2016 + A1:2016 BS EN 12467:2016 + A1:2016 BS EN 12467:2016 + A1:2016 BS EN 12467:2016 + A1:2016 BS EN 12467:2016 + A1:2016 BS EN 12467:2016 + A1:2016
Rreaction to Fire EuroClass A1
Non-Combustible (A1fl)
EuroClass A1
Non-Combustible (A1fl)
EuroClass A1
Non-Combustible (A1fl)
EuroClass A1
Non-Combustible (A1fl)
EuroClass A1
Non-Combustible (A1fl)
EuroClass A1
Non-Combustible (A1fl)
Mechanical Characteristics - Bending Strength (MOR) Class 2 Class 2   Class 2 Class 2  

Can 12mm construction boards be used in place of plasterboard?

Yes, 12mm Construction Boards have far superior properties in comparison with plasterboard such as fire resistance, impact resistance, strength, breathability, durability to damp and excellent thermal mass properties.


Can 12mm construction boards be painted and plastered?

Yes. Before applying paint or plaster, 12mm Construction Boards require priming with SBR Primer


What do I use to cut the boards?

We recommend either using our Fibre Cement Scoring Tool or a PCD cutting blade which fits into a hand held circular saw. Dust extraction is recommended for this.


What is fibre cement board made of?

Portland Cement: binds the ingredients and is made with limestone, clay and iron. Cellulose Fibres: treated, organic fibres which act as a filler. Sand: highly durable and creates all weather performance. Water: dissolves the wood pulp; activates and hardens the cement. Trimtraders Construction Boards have no need of fibreglass mesh for strengthening, which of course is almost impossible to recycle and very irritable when cutting.

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