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Palace Fast Flex Pro Levelling Compound

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Palace Fast Flex Pro Levelling Compound floor leveller is recommended for application over a comprehensive range of floor surfaces such as tamped or worn concrete and sand/cement floor screeds as well as non-porous floors such as mastic asphalt, plywood and mildly abraded power-floated concrete. It is particularly suited for installation in conjunction with heated sub-floors and can readily accommodate most types of wire-based sub-tile heating systems.

  • Excellent levelling & flow to give a super-smooth finish
  • High early strength takes foot traffic after 3 hours
  • Can be laid from 2mm up to a 30mm bed depth
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems
  • Single-Part, protein-free formula for pump application

Weight 20kg
Colour  Grey 
Ready For Tiling  4 Hours for a 5mm layer
Initial Set Time  60 Minutes
Coverage 20kg Approx. 5m² at 3mm depth
Brand  Palace

Do I need an electric mixer for this product?

Palace Fast Flex Pro Levelling Compound floor leveller should be added to clean water in a clean container and mixed thoroughly with a power whisk fitted to an electric drill to give a smooth, lump-free, flowable & pourable levelling compound which should be applied to the intended area without delay. The recommended mixing proportions are 4.0 litres of water per 20kg sack and exceeding this recommendation will result in excess bleed and a weaker mix. The material should be mixed for a minimum of 2 minutes after the last of the powder is added ensuring the mixing head is below the surface to minimise air entrapment. Allow the mix to stand for 1 minute after which time the freeflowing screed will be ready for application directly onto the prepared substrate.

How long after application can I walk on the floor?

When applied at 20°C & 65% RH under ideal site conditions will allow for a working time of up to 20 minutes and then reach initial set after 1 hour. Under the above conditions it will rapidly cure to allow light foot traffic after 3 hours and will be ready to receive tiles after 4 hours and soft flooring after 24 hours.

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