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Instarmac ProLevel Fibre Reinforced Floor Leveller

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UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre is a single part, high strength, rapid drying and curing concrete floor leveller. The product√≠s formulation incorporates a blend of specially graded fillers, cements, polymers and fibres. The specially formulated fibre technology aids application and strength resulting in a strong, sound and even base ready to commence the tiling process after only 8 hours.

  • Internal use
  • Formulated with FibreBond technology
  • Excellent flexibility for timber floors and underfloor heating systems
  • 3-75mm depth
  • 3 hours set time
  • Tile after 8 hour

Weight  20kg
Depth  3 - 75mm
Walk on hardness time at 20°C 3 Hours (3mm application)
Range Ultra Tilefix 
Brand Instarmac

How much area will one 20kg bag cover? 

Instarmac ProLevel Fibre Reinforced Floor Leveller Coverage:

Applied Thickness Coverage Per Unit (approx.) Cosumption Per 10m² Area
3mm 4.0m² 2.5 Bags
5mm 2.4m² 4.2 Bags
10mm 1.2m² 8.4 Bags
15mm 0.8m² 12 Bags

Can this be used on under floor heating? 

Yes, see below for more details:

Warm Water Underfloor Heating (UFH): Systems must have been fully commissioned and brought up to their maximum temperature, and ideally switched off 48 hours before application. In the absence of other heat sources, the UFH may be set to ‘cutback’ position to achieve an air temperature of 15°C. Any expansion or movement joints must be carried through to the floor covering surface.

Radiant Electrical Underfloor Heating System: UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre can also be used over electrical UFH systems where the cables are fixed to a sound strong mechanical fixed cement faced backer board. Apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to dry fully (usually 1-2 hours). It may also be used where electrical UFH is used over cementitious or calcium sulphate subfloors. Priming should be as per the substrate. In all cases UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre must be applied at a thickness of 5mm above the cables for resilient, textile and timber applications and a minimum of 3mm for application of stone, ceramic or porcelain products.

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