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Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Parquet Resin Epoxy Tile Grouts

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Eco-friendly, Italian adhesive manufacturer. Kerakoll produce advance high strength flexible tile adhesives, stronger than any other product on the market. Their eco-friendly products are breathable eliminating poisonous odours that cause common illnesses related to indoor pollution. They have a wide range of adhesives suitable for porcelain, ceramic & natural stone for application onto wide range of substrates.

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Parquet Resin Epoxy Tile Grouts are water-based hypo-allergenic resins for waterproof, stain-proof wood-effect grouting of ceramic & porcelain parquet.

Fugalite® Bio Parquet combines perfectly with the main and widespread collections of wood-effect porcelain tiles.

Only Fugalite® Bio Parquet allows the enjoyment of the charm and typical naturalness of wood guaranteeing the aesthetic continuity and functionality of the ceramic parquet. Fugalite® Bio Parquet reproduces the continuous effect of the hardwood floor grouting with wood flour and resin, thanks to use of an exclusive water-based bio-resin, eco-friendly additives and extremely fine special quartz.

  • Internal & external use
  • Suitable for marine use
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Drop effect
  • Water‑resistant
  • Non‑absorbent
  • Does not change colour

Weight  3kg
Joint Width 0 to 5 mm
Pot Life (at + 23°c) ≥ 45 Minutes
Foot Traffic ≈ 24 hrs
Shelf Life  ≈ 18 months
Range Fugalite® Bio
Brand  Kerakoll

If I dont want to use it all at once can I mix a smaller amount up?

Yes, however respect the mixing ratio of 2 : 1. For partial mixing, weigh the two parts precisely. 

Can this be used as an adhesive? 

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio Resin Epoxy Tile Grout can be used as an adheisve for glass mosaic tiles, it is not recommended to use as a general tile adhesive. 

Once applied how long will it be before I can walk on the surface? 

We recommend waiting around 24 hours before walking on it to allow the grout to fully set. 

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