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Instarmac Pro SS Flexible Standard Set Tile Adhesive

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Instarmac Pro SS Flexible Standard Set Tile Adhesive is a single part, standard set, flexible adhesive for wall and floor tiles. It is specially formulated with enhanced adhesion and flexibility for use with  ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. Instarmac Pro SS Flexible Standard Set Tile Adhesive is a polymer modified adhesive suitable for use with most common substrates. It is able to take light foot traffic within 16 hours of installation depending upon temperature and substrate.

  • Ideal for use with ceramic and porcelain, wall and floor tiles
  • Suitable for areas of movement and vibration
  • Flexible properties for use in wet areas
  • Can be used on timer and concrete floors
  • 3-16mm bed thickness
  • Colours: White & Grey

Weight  20kg
Colours  White, Grey
Set Time 16 hours
Bed Thickness 3 - 16mm 
Range Ultra Tile 
Brand  Instarmac

How long after application can I commence grouting? 

Leave the installed tiles for a minimum period for at least 16 hours to set hard before grouting. This time may be extended on impervious/non-porous substrates. It is also dependent on temperatures and conditions. Always check and ensure that adhesive has set hard before grouting.

What size area will one 20kg bag cover?

Is this suitable for use with underfloor heating?

Yes. If UFH is being installed it must be fully commissioned before starting the tiling process to ensure it is in full working order. This includes both electric mat and water pipe systems. Once the UFH has been commissioned it can be set to a low level to provide a max floor temperature of 15˚C whilst the tiling and grouting processes are undertaken. It is critical that this temperature is not exceeded as this can force dry the adhesive and grout with the potential of causing cracks in the installation or tiles to de-bond. Maintain this temperature for a minimum period of 7 days while the installation cures and hardens. After this time the UFH can be brought up to the required room temperature slowly at a rate of 5˚C per day.

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