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Trimtraders Kaskade Wetroom Kits

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Trim Traders

Trim Traders have over 25 years of experience in the tiling industry. We are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. All of our products are made to the highest quality standard and will help you produce a premium finished project.

When installing a wetroom it is critical that the correct measures are taken to ensure a water tight seal around the former tray and the rest of your floor is sealed. At Trimtraders we believe in making it easy to select what you need for the job so we have designed these simple kits to provide you with all you need to establish your shower base and prepare for tiling around in a timber floor application. We offer a range of sizes from 3m² to 12m² so simply select the closes size to your bathroom or en-suite and everything you need will be included.

This system, guaranteed for 30 years provides a movement free and waterproof surface on the whole floor rather than just the tray area.

  • One piece pre formed shower bases - Fit on top of joists, no under support required.
  • Adjoining backer boards slot into rebated edge, creating a watertight sea
  • Built in fall ensures rapid drainage

Included with Each Kit
  • Pre-Primed NoMorePly Tile Backer Boards and Mega Strength Adhesive
  • 1 x 5626 TORX Head 25mm NoMorePly Screws (Box of 50)
  • 1 x 5630 NoMorePly Scoring Tool
  • 1 x 5588 MegaTank 8m2 Tanking Kit
Area Covered 3m Square,4m Square, 5m Square, 6m Square, 8m Square, 10m Square, 12m Square
Suplier  STS

Can I use underfloor heating on the tray?

Yes you can. The only restriction is that you can't use self levelling compound as this will remove the falls in the tray.

How do I fix the tray to the joists?

You fix the tray with mega strength adhesive which is applied to the top of the joists. You also pilot drill and screw through the rebate into the joist below. You don't screw through the main useable shower tray area.

Can the Kaskade shower tray be cut down? 
Yes it can. Make sure the installer pays attention to the fall when tiling the reduced side though.

Does the Kaskade shower tray come with a trap and a grate? 
Yes it does. Kaskade is supplied complete with a top quality fast-flow German made trap with an attractive, easily removable stainless steel grate. This facilitates easy cleaning of the trap.

Is the kit the same for both Kaskade and No More Ply wetroom systems?

Yes, the kit is the same for both Kaskade and No More Ply wetroom systems

Do I need a wet floor kit when using vinyl?

You can use this kit with vinyl, but it is not as important to use as with tiling. This is because the vinyl is waterproof, so water shouldn't get through to the timber below.

What is the benefit of the wet floor kit, compared to buying products individually?

The wet floor kit makes it very simple when specifing a job, as all you need to know is the room size and we do the rest.

How much space does the trap actually take? 
Only 80mm space is needed under the floorboards! A vertical outlet is also available.

Why should I choose Kaskade? 
Kaskade shower trays are simple to install and, when used with No More Ply, they create a wetroom without a step. With endless design possibilities in wetrooms this is the perfect system for the modern bathroom.

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