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Genesis Glass Panel & Shadow Profile Aluminium Tile Trims

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Established in 1989 in the ceramic and accessories market, Genesis quickly became a leading brand in the UK and around the world and have gone from strength to strength since. When it comes to tile trims, corners and end caps, Genesis has it all. Check out the range of Genesis products below to see which one will help you complete your current tiling project. As a leading global brand, Genesis provides innovative tile finishing solutions for professional tilers, DIY enthusiasts, and contractors.

Genesis LGA is an aluminium profile that is the perfect host for a glass panel in a shower that adds a sophisticated decorative and practical element. Alternatively it can be used as a decorative shadow profile on walls. Available in bespoke powder coating to any RAL number on request.
  • Bright polished silver aluminium finish
  • Practical but decorative
  • Perfect host for glass panel in a shower
  • Can be used as decorative shadow profile on walls

Length 2.5m
Depth 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Finish Bright Polished Silver (RAL Coating Upon Request)
Type Tile Trim
Brand Genesis

Does this need sealing? 

Yes, follow the directions for installation below:

  1. Select LGA according to tile thickness. 
  2. Trowel tile adhesive over the area that forms the perimeter of the tiled covering. 
  3. Press the perforated anchoring leg of the LGA into the tile adhesive and align, mechanical fix if required. 
  4. Trowel additional adhesive over the perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage. 
  5. Solidly embed the tiles so that the tiled surface is flush with the top of the profile, the profile should not be higher than the tiled surface, but rather up to approximately 1 mm lower. 
  6. Fill the joint completely with grout. 

What is the finish on this product?

This product is made from aluminium and has a bright polished finish. 

What depth sizes are available? 

The LGA Glass Panel/Shadow Gap Tile trim is available in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm depths. 

What size trim do I need? 

To account for the use of adhesive you should choose a trim one size up from the depth of your chosen tile. For example, if your tile is 10mm thick we’d suggest a 12mm trim ensuring a smooth fit.


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