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TileTracker 'Ultimate' Set

£127.63 £106.36 inc. VAT

The TileTracker 'Ultimate" Set of aluminium wall tiling battens gives the professional tiler everything you needed to deal with almost any tiling situation, which means you save time and money to impress your customers . Very quick to set up and easily adjustable, you'll have the perfect equipment to complete a better wall tiling job. this set contains: 1 x 1.5M Tiletracker length, 1 x 1M Tiletracker length, 1 x 0.75M Tiletracker length, ?1 x 0.5M Tiletracker length, 1 x 0.25M Tiletracker length, 6 x M10 threaded 300mm legs with rotating feet, 6 x strong Nylon clamps, 6 x Easy grip Wingknob handles, 6 x locking nuts and 6 x anti-slip pads.

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