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Genesis Aluminium Matting With Superior Reversible Rubber Inserts

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Established in 1989 in the ceramic and accessories market, Genesis quickly became a leading brand in the UK and around the world and have gone from strength to strength since. When it comes to tile trims, corners and end caps, Genesis has it all. Check out the range of Genesis products below to see which one will help you complete your current tiling project. As a leading global brand, Genesis provides innovative tile finishing solutions for professional tilers, DIY enthusiasts, and contractors.

The Genesis Aluminium Matting With Superior Reversible Rubber Inserts is made up of heavy duty moisture and dust protection with rubber strips inserted into mill aluminium profiles sections. These sections are connected with galvanised steel rods. Suitable for indoor and outdoor heavy traffic use.

Available in 12mm and 18mm depth. Matting finishes come in Black and Grey.

  • Reversible inserts
  • Mill profiles
  • Assembled with galvanised steel rods
  • Suitable for heavy foot traffic
  • Suitable for both exterior & interior use

Colour/Finish Aluminium/Black Rubber, Aluminium/Grey Rubber
Depth  12mm, 18mm
Fire Rating Bfl-s1
Brand Genesis

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How is the matting cleaned? 

Dirt passes between the profiles and falls through into the matwell. The mat can be rolled up for the area to be cleaned. Regular maintenance is required so the Romat remains effective.

Normal daily soiling can be dealt with using a suction vacuum cleaner. A 2000 Watt model will give better results than a lower powered model. The use of rubber bladed wet floor tool attachment should increase the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Chewing Gum can be removed by freeze spraying or with a proprietary chewing gum remover and then scraped or combed out of the matting carpet pile. This should be done before the full cleaning process is started.

Thorough Maintenance Take the mat out of the matwell. You can: 1 - with the profiles positioned vertically, clean the mat with high presure water spray, or 2 - put the mat on a flat surface and clean it by injection / extraction process or with a dry cleaning powder. Let the mat dry in vertical position.


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